Company Information

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Scieneer Pty Ltd

PO Box 2012
Rangeview, Victoria  3132  Australia

Australian Business Number (ABN)

42 092 062 934

About Scieneer

Scieneer Pty Ltd was formed in March 2000 to develop and support a professional Common Lisp implementation for Symmetrical Multi-Processor (SMP) systems which is a key requirement for many high performance computing and enterprise applications.

The company was founded by Douglas Crosher who brought years of experiences with the open source CMU Common Lisp implementation and who developed some of the key innovations that enable a high performance Common Lisp implementation for SMP systems. While working on the CMU Common Lisp implementation, Douglas was a key developer in the porting of this implementation to the x86 architecture, developed a generational garbage collector which is critical for memory management in large high performance applications, developed the multi-processing support, and contributed to numerous enhancements.

The Scieneer implementation of the Common Lisp language (SCL 1.1) was publicly released in September 2002. The SCL 1.2 version was released in September 2003, adding support for 64-bit platforms, and integrating high performance HTTP support. The SCL 1.3 version was released in April 2006 consolidating may improvements and adding support for the Solaris x86 and 64 bit AMD64 platforms. Scieneer continues to develop and support this innovative implementation.