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Description: Scieneer Common Lisp 1.3, 64-bit SPARC, Solaris 10, 9 and 8, single system, noncommercial, license. Download.

Order Code: 14555

License: Binary software license agreement

Product Details:

The Scieneer® Common Lisp implementation version 1.3, download. For the 64-bit SPARC V9 processor or compatible, running Sun Solaris 10, 9 or 8. Comes with a one year restricted license for use on a single system for noncommercial use only. Limited product maintenance is offered via the online download of new releases for up to one year. Feedback is welcomed but support is not included and must be purchased separately.

The product is locked to the configured host. For the SPARC Solaris platform the license key is locked to the system host ID number. If the computer's host name or host ID changes then a request for a license transfer may be submitted during the support period, otherwise a new license will need to be purchased.

Order requires approval: Yes.

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