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Description: Scieneer Common Lisp 1.3, x86, RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 and 4.

Order Code: 16022

Brand: Scieneer

Operating system: Linux

Processor: 32-bit x86

License: Binary software license agreement

Product Details:

The Scieneer® Common Lisp implementation version 1.3, download. For the Intel Pentium or compatible processor, running the RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 or 4 or compatible operating system. Comes with a perpetual license for use on a single system, plus a one year maintenance entitlement and one year of limited installation support. Product support is not included and must be purchased separately.

Maintenance includes all released upgrades for this platform for one year from the date of purchase. The support is email or web based, limited to use within one year from the date of purchase, and is limited to one customer technical contact. The scope of the support includes: initial product installation and configuration only. The web site support includes services for: product download, configuration of the product for the host system and download of license key files, and the submission of license host transfer requests of which up to two will not be unreasonably refused within the support period.

The product is locked to the configured host. For the Linux platforms, a computer system with an Ethernet card configured for eth0 is required, and the license key is locked to this Ethernet card number. If the computer's host name or Ethernet address changes then a request for a license transfer may be submitted during the support period, otherwise a new license will need to be purchased.

Order requires approval: Yes.

Availability: In stock


  • $299.00 USD GST Exclusive.
  • $328.90 USD GST Inclusive.

Other operating systems: Solaris 10, HP-UX 11.11

Other processors: 64-bit AMD64, 32-bit SPARC v8, 64-bit SPARC v9, 32-bit HPPA 1.1, 64-bit HPPA 2.0