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Description: Scieneer Common Lisp maintenance and support. Six incidents, 1 year.

Order Code: 28571

Product Details:

A one year maintenance and support entitlement for the Scieneer Common Lisp.

Maintenance includes all released upgrades for commercially licensed Scieneer Common Lisp products for one year from the date of purchase. The support is email or web based, limited to use within one year from the date of purchase, allows for a limit of six support incidents with a target two day initial response time, and is limited to one customer technical contact. The scope of the support includes: product installation and operation; developer assistance with documentation and programming interfaces and the supply of coding examples when necessary; assistance investigating any issues and the supply of a workaround or bug fix when practical. The scope excludes the writing of code for the customer. The web site support includes services for: product download, configuration of the product for the host system and download of license key files, and the submission of license host transfer requests of which up to two will not be unreasonably refused within the support period.

Order requires approval: Yes.

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  • $1499.00 USD GST Exclusive.
  • $1648.90 USD GST Inclusive.