Scieneer Common Lisp 1.3.9 online documentation

make-hash-table &key test size rehash-size rehash-threshold weak-p lock[Function]

Creates and returns a new hash table. The keywords are as follows:

Indicates what kind of test to use. Only eq, eql, equal, and equalp are currently supported.
A hint as to how many elements will be put in this hash table.
Indicates how to expand the table when it fills up. If an integer, add space for that many elements. If a floating point number, which must be greater than 1.0, multiple the size by that amount.
Indicates how dense the table can become before forcing a rehash. Can be any positive number <= to 1, with density approaching zero as the threshold approaches 0. Density 1 means an average of one entry per bucket.


The specialized type of lock used to synchronize access to the hash table, or nil for no synchronization. The valid lock types are: :normal, :recursive, or :error-check. The default lock type is :recursive. A hash table without a lock for synchronization may be appropriate if the table is known to be used by a single thread, or if synchronization is already handled by another lock.
If t, do not keep entries if the key would otherwise be garbage, currently unimplemented.