Scieneer Common Lisp 1.3.9 online documentation

parse-namestring thing &optional host defaults &key start end junk-allowed class[Function]

Converts pathname thing, a pathname designator, into a pathname object, for a physical pathname, returns the printed representation.

The class of the pathname is either: the specified class, or logical-pathname if a defined logical pathname host is supplied or if a namestring has a logical host prefix, or the result of calling ext:scheme-pathname-class if a namestring has a defined scheme prefix, otherwise the class is pathname.

The default pathname namestring format is a Uniform Resource Identifier, see RFC2396. Logical pathnames are also recognised and their use is recommended for portable code.

The generic function ext:parse-namestring-initialize is called with the the new pathname object to parse the namestring and initialize the object. Parsers for user defined namestrings formats may be defined by specialized pathname classes and a specialised ext:parse-namestring-initialize method.