Scieneer Common Lisp 1.3.9 online documentation

crypto:make-crypto-file-stream stream &key input output element-type external-format buffering password cipher close-stream-p pathname[Function]

Create a cryptographic stream that reads and/or writes to the given binary stream.

If true, allow input operations. This is the default if neither :input or :output is specified.
If true, allow output operations.
Indicates the element type to use. Only the character and '(unsigned-byte 8) types are supported. The default is to create a binary '(unsigned-byte 8) stream.
The external character format to use. The default value is :default for which the value of ext:*default-external-format* is used.
Indicates the kind of output buffer flushing to use which may be one of: :none, :line, or the default :full. Line buffering is only applicable to character streams.
The cipher password.
The cipher name to use for encryption.
When true, which is the default, the target stream is closed when this stream is closed.
When true, the returned stream will be a subclass of the class file-stream. This should generally be true if the stream is a file-stream.