Scieneer Common Lisp 1.3.9 online documentation

ext:generation-bytes-consed-between-gcs generation[Function]

Return the number of bytes consed, or allocated, to the generation before garbage collection of the generation is automatically triggered. The average age of objects is also tested before garbage collection is automatically triggered, see ext:generation-minimum-age-before-gc. Garbage collection of the youngest generation is triggered by a separate mechanism, see ext:bytes-consed-between-gcs.

(setf (ext:generation-bytes-consed-between-gcs generation) bytes)[Function]

Set the number of bytes that the garbage collector allows to be consed, or allocated, to the generation before automatically triggering garbage collection of the generation. The default for all generations is 2000000 bytes. This parameter is saved in a lisp core file and is in effect when restarted. See also: ext:generation-bytes-consed-between-gcs, and ext:bytes-consed-between-gcs.