Scieneer Common Lisp 1.3.9 online documentation

ext:make-gunzip-input-stream stream &key element-type external-format close-stream-p allow-concatenated-p in-buffer-size finalizep pathname[Function]

Create a gzip decompression stream that reads from the given source binary stream. Once the stream is open the header time and optional file name may be obtained via ext:gunzip-input-stream-time and ext:gunzip-input-stream-file-name respectively.

Indicates the element type to use. Only the character and '(unsigned-byte 8) types are supported. The default is to create an binary '(unsigned-byte 8) stream.
The external character format to use. The default value is :default for which the value of ext:*default-external-format* is used.
If true then the target stream is closed when this stream is closed.
When true, read multiple gzip files concatenated together as a single stream. Otherwise an EOF is returned at the end of the first file in the source stream.
When true, the returned stream will be a subclass of the class file-stream. This should generally be true if the stream is a file-stream.