Scieneer Common Lisp 1.3.9 online documentation

ext:make-gzip-output-stream stream &key level element-type external-format time file-name close-stream-p window-bits mem-level buffering pathname out-buffer-size finalizep[Function]

Create a gzip compression stream that writes to the given target binary stream.

The compression level between 0 and 9, with a default of 6. Higher compression levels may give greater compression but at the expense of longer compression times.
Indicates the element type to use. Only the character and '(unsigned-byte 8) types are supported. The default is to create a binary '(unsigned-byte 8) stream.
The external character format to use. The default value is :default for which the value of ext:*default-external-format* is used.
A time in universal time format to write into the gzip header. The default is the current time.
An optional file name to write to the gzip header.
When true the target stream is closed when this stream is closed. By default the target stream is not closed.
Indicates the kind of output buffer flushing to use which may be one of: :none, :line, or the default :full. Line buffering is only applicable to character streams.
When true, the returned stream will be a subclass of the class file-stream. This should generally be true if the stream is a file-stream.