Scieneer Common Lisp 1.3.9 online documentation

http:client-maximum-connections client[Function]

Return the maximum number of connections allowed for this client, or nil if there is no limit. When the limit is reached a client request will wait for a prior request to complete before proceeding. The client keeps track of the total number of active connections to enforce this limit. This limit is effective whether the connection pool is enabled or disabled.

(setf (http:client-maximum-connections client) value)[Function]

Set the maximum number of connections allowed for this client. Setting the maximum to nil indicates no limit. See: http:client-maximum-connections. If the maximum is decreased then any excess connections are closed as requests complete. Currently active requests on the client connections are not affected. Excess pooled connections will be closed as needed. If the maximum is increased then threads waiting for a connection will be signaled to proceed.