Scieneer Common Lisp 1.3.9 online documentation

http:make-https-client-request &key client-host client-port server-host server-port method uri protocol protocol-major protocol-minor headers body certificate key verify-mode verify-depth ciphers ssl-options ssl-context tunnel-p[Function]

Make a HTTPS client request. The arguments are the same as for the function http:make-request with the addition of the SSL parameters: certificate, key, verify-mode, verify-depth, ciphers, ssl-options, and ssl-context For more information see ssl:make-ssl-client-stream.

When tunnel-p is true, a tunneling TCP connection will be requested from the proxy server over which the secure request may be sent. The server-host and server-port specify the proxy to use. The target server host and port will be obtained from the request "Host" header and must be supplied in the headers.