Scieneer Common Lisp 1.3.9 online documentation

http:process-client-request request &key client retries retry-interval new-connection-p[Function]

Process a client request, returning a response object upon success, otherwise returning nil and an possible error condition. The HTTP client defaults to the value of http:*default-client*.

The maximum number of automatic retries defaults to three, and is disabled when zero. When positive, requests are automatically retried if a response is not received from the server because this likely indicates that the server closed a persistent connection before receiving the request. Requests using the GET, HEAD, and PUT, methods are automatically retried if a stream error occurs while receiving the response.

When new-connection-p is true, a new connection is always opened for the request, even if the client has a matching pooled connections. This option may be particularly useful for non-idempotent methods, such as a POST method, to reduce the risk of hitting an asynchronous close from the server.