Freeware collection

A range of free Common Lisp applications and libraries have been ported to the Scieneer CL, and many may be downloaded from the Scieneer CL freeware download page. Scieneer makes an effort to contribute changes back to external projects and in many cases the external code will run without change.

Development tools:

  • ELI (emacs lisp interface) - the default user interface for development in the SCL. ELI allows each thread to have a separate emacs buffer which is very handy when developing multi-threaded code.
  • SLIME - The Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs.

Foreign function interfaces

The Scieneer CL fully supports the two popular Common Lisp foreign function interfaces, and has largely maintained compatibility with the popular CMU CL implementation.

  • CFFI - Common Foreign Function Interface
  • UFFI - Lisp Universal Foreign Function Interface

Web servers

The Scieneer CL includes an integrated HTTP server. A compatibility layer for the PortableAllegro Serve is available, and a native CL-HTTP port is also available.

System definition tools

  • ASDF - Another System Definition Facility
  • Mk:defsystem


  • CLSQL - A multi-platform SQL interface for Common Lisp
  • UncommonSQL database integration kit.

Grahpical user interface

  • CLX - a custom version of CLX is included with the Scieneer CL with support for native threading.
  • McCLIM - an implementation of the Common Lisp Interface Manager CLIM II Specification.
  • CL-SDL - Common Lisp bindings for SDL.
  • Lambda-GTK - cross-platform Lisp interface to the complete GTK+2 family of shared libraries.
  • LTK - The Lisp Toolkit.
  • LGTK - GTK+ 2 interface.


  • Maxima - symbolic mathematics program.


If you have any suggestions for freeware that you would like to see ported to the Scieneer CL then please, let us know.