SPARC Solaris - 64 bit

The 64 bit SPARC Solaris port is designed to work with SPARC V9 or compatible processors and is built for Solaris 9 and Solaris 8.

The SPARC port uses a precise garbage collector in contrast to the conservative garbage collector used on the x86 port and this reduces the chance of garbage being kept alive.

Up to 256G bytes of memory may be allocated for the lisp heap.

The license keys for the SPARC Solaris port are locked to the machine hostname and the machine hostid.

Known issues

Tracing and breakpoints are not thread safe but should be fine so long as only a single thread touches the code with a breakpoint.

Recursive locks on Solaris have a small limit on the recursive count of 255. Recursive locks do not work well with condition variables on Solaris and these should not be used together - SCL will catch such attempts and generate an error.