Innovative multi-threading support for multi-processor systems

Scieneer has developed innovative multi-threading extensions to the Common Lisp language that enable applications to exploit Symmetrical Multi-Processor (SMP) and Hyperthreading systems.

Multi-processor systems have the potential to run proportionally faster than single processor systems. The Scieneer CL implementation allows multi-threaded applications to exploit this parallelism which makes it ideal for high performance applications such as enterprise computing and web services.

Applications written in the Scieneer CL implementation can grow as the demands of the application grow by simply moving the application to a multi-processor system. There is no need to rewrite the application as could be required to exploit a cluster of independent computers.

All the threads of a Scieneer CL application can share the one memory heap. This can be critical for high performance in some multi-threaded computations. The sharing of resources reduces the burden on the operating system and hardware, compared with running multiple processes on a multi-processor system, which can lead to higher performance for the application.